MGGA recognizes that an efficient, affordable, and accessible transportation system is essential to the economy of Montana. MGGA will work to improve all modes of transportation that affect trade and provide services to Montana agriculture.


  1. MGGA supports total access to the Canadian rail system.
  2. MGGA supports the development of spur lines to connect with the Canadian Pacific railroad.
  3. MGGA will support legislation that allows competitive access to rail lines to create competition for captive rail shippers.
  4. In the event of a rail right‐of‐way abandonment, MGGA supports the concept of requiring rail property to be offered for sale first to adjacent landowners at certified appraised fair market value.
  5. MGGA supports federal transportation legislation and other reforms that will provide reasonable rates and service. (New 2009)
  6. MGGA recommends that Congress require the Surface Transportation Board be more receptive to producer concerns. (Revised 2009)
  7. MGGA supports expanding and improving railroad infrastructure in Montana. (Revised 2016)
  8. MGGA supports maintenance and expansion of intermodal services for ag products.
  9. MGGA supports any attempt to reopen or reactivate defacto abandoned rail lines for commercial transportation by Class I or short line railroads.
  10. MGGA supports formal and informal mediation of rail freight issues with our rail carriers and arbitration of disputes when necessary, including continuation of the Alternative Dispute Resolution agreement between Montana wheat and barley producers and BNSF Railway. (Modified 2012)
  11. MGGA supports participation in the Ag Rail Business Council by Montana grain producers and BNSF Railway. (New 2012)
  12. MGGA supports grain producer representation on BNSF Railway’s Customer Advisory Board. (New 2012)
  13. MGGA supports research into more efficient modes of transportation.


  1. MGGA will work to maintain access to and maintenance of the Columbia/Snake Waterway.
  2. MGGA supports reform of the Jones Act and Cargo Preference laws. (Revised 2017)
  3. MGGA opposes removal of dams on navigable water ways. (New 2021)


  1. MGGA supports standardization of trucking regulations between states and Canada for weight, length and oversize at no less than Montana standards. (Revised 2012)
  2. MGGA urges Montana Department of Transportation to maintain & improve farm to shuttle facility roads to handle increased loads and traffic.
  3. MGGA supports changes to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations so that the 150‐mile radius producer exemption applies to all producers even when they cross governmental jurisdiction lines to market their commodity. (Revised 2018)
  4. MGGA supports federal legislation that allows producers exemption from International Fuel Tax Agreement regulations for travel within 150‐mile radius regardless of crossing governmental jurisdiction lines. (Modified 2011)
  5. MGGA supports a farm to market exemption from interstate commerce regulatory enforcement to allow the movement of a commodity from the farm gate to its first point of delivery. (Revised 2015)
  6. MGGA supports the exemption from Food Safety Modernization Act regulations for crops transported from farms to first point of delivery. (New 2017)
  7. MGGA supports exempting agricultural products and inputs from the Electronic Logging Device Regulations. (New 2017) (Revised 2022)
  8. MGGA opposes the $10 overweight permit required while still within the 10% overage allowance on truck weight.
  9. MGGA opposes single point driver’s license hazardous materials endorsement processing. MGGA supports expanded authority for the Montana Department of Motor Vehicles to process all hazardous materials licensing at every facility. (New 2016)
  10. MGGA supports Montana Department of Transportation adopting a dye inspection standard with allowable adventitious levels. (Revised 2019)
  11. MGGA supports an agricultural exemption from required schooling for obtaining a CDL in Montana (New 2022)


  1. MGGA supports legislation requiring the Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) take whatever actions necessary to immediately restore official grain inspection and weighing service wherever and whenever it is disrupted. (New 2014)
  2. MGGA opposes any work slowdown or stoppage by international longshoremen that impedes the regular flow of grain from Montana to our customers. (New 2014)
  3. MGGA supports an agricultural exemption up to 36 inches from the Department of transportation for the “Call before you dig” program. (New 2016)
  4. MGGA opposes any regulations that restrict movement of agricultural equipment on public roads. (New 2019)
  5. Recreational UAS use by farmers scouting their own (or neighbor’s) fields should be classified as recreational by the FAA. (New 2020)
  6. MGGA supports the rights of farmers to maintain and repair their own equipment. (New 2020)