MGGA Thrilled About Quality Loss Assistance Program

For immediate release
January 5, 2021

MGGA Thrilled About Quality Loss Assistance Program

Great Falls – In 2018 and 2019, Montana farmers were impacted by weather events beyond their control and the relief was truly needed. National Wheat Growers (NAWG), Montana Grain Growers Association (MGGA) and past EVP Lola Raska, tirelessly advocated for relief of those who did not qualify for WHIP+.

MGGA President Mitch Konen said, “It is a good feeling to finally get this expansion of the WHIP+ program to the end zone! NAWG, MGGA and Raska put a lot of effort into getting this Quality Loss Assistance included into the WHIP+ program.” Konen added, “We continuously struggle to produce low cost and high-quality crops to feed the world and this program is just another tool in our toolbox to help maintain that struggle.”

This program is for those who may have been severely impacted by natural disasters in 2018 and 2019, which came at the most inopportune time of harvest causing quality losses of their crops.

The Montana Grain Growers Association is a commodity specific organization representing the interests of Montana wheat and barley growers. We use the contacts and experience gained over the past 60+ years to affect the laws, regulations and rules that we farm by. We are recognized as an influential commodity organization in our state and country and we use that influence to make things happen.