Working for You

Working for You

Each month we provide some key areas where MGGA leaders and staff have been working on your behalf. Here is a sampling of important issues and activities for April 2020:

  • Executive Vice President Lola Raska joined a call with the Ag Land Valuation Advisory Committee. After a review of the committee’s responsibilities, valuation methods, and pending administrative changes, the committee decided against making any changes to the capitalization rate for the 2021 tax cycle. 
  • Raska participated in a call with the Montana State Fund Ag Group executive committee to consider changes to the eligibility criteria in an effort to generate more frequent payouts to participating members.
  • National Association of Wheat Growers President David Milligan announced committee assignments for the coming year appointing MGGA President Vince Mattson to the NAWG Domestic & Trade Policy Committee (DTPC) and the Operations & Planning Committee and Vice President Mitch Konen to the Environment & Research Committee (ERC) and Wheat Breeding Innovation Committee. Congratulations and thanks to both for representing Montana grain producers in these important leadership positions.
  • NAWG has held several Zoom meetings over the past month:

 MGGA President Vince Mattson participated on two calls with the Operations and Planning Committee to review association by-laws changes regarding state limited membership status and new industry member categories.

Mattson also took part in a DTPC meeting where members shared state issues, discussed ideas on providing relief to wheat growers, and received status reports on WHIP+ and the new quality loss crop insurance product to be available June 30 for the 2021 crop. 

MGGA Vice President Mitch Konen participated in an ERC meeting to discuss Covid-19 issues surrounding logistics and supply of pesticides; licensing and certification issues; and new and ongoing lawsuits on specific pesticides and their potential effects on wheat growers.

Mattson and Konen joined a full NAWG board meeting to debate and ratify policy positions proposed by the committees.