Working for You

Working for You

Each month we provide some key areas where MGGA leaders and staff have been working on your behalf. Here is a sampling of important issues and activities for October 2020:

* The National Association of Wheat Growers Domestic and Trade Policy Committee held a very informative briefing on rail rate regulation where grower leaders from wheat states heard from Dalton Henry, U.S. Wheat Associates, who talked about the USW Transportation Working Group’s comments on the Surface Transportation Board’s Final Offer Rate Review (FORR) proceeding and other related issues, and from Montana grower Lochiel Edwards who discussed Montana’s rail arbitration agreement and shared his perspective on rail rate regulation. 

* Led by policy staff at the National Association of Wheat Growers, all 21 organizations of the national Ag CEO Council joined in a collaborative effort to identify 10 issues of importance to the agricultural industry in the coming years which were outlined in a document shared with both presidential campaigns. The document is non-partisan in nature, and will also be used when engaging with other policymakers and stakeholders. 

* MGGA Vice President Mitch Konen joined a Zoom conference sponsored by the US Grains Council for officials from Heineken Mexico to hear about this year’s Montana barley production. Dave Tweet presented for the Montana Wheat & Barley Committee; Jamie Sherman reported on MSU barley breeding efforts; and grower reports were given by Konen and MWBC directors Charlie Bumgarner and Mike O’Hara. 

* MGGA Vice President Mitch Konen took part in a National Wheat Foundation Board of Directors Zoom conference call. Former MGGA President Gary Broyles, Rapelje, serves as a current director of the National Wheat Foundation Board. The Foundation carries out the charitable, scientific and educational activities of the National Association of Wheat Growers and was convened for the first time in 1978 by former MGGA President Glenn Moore. 

* The MGGA Board of Directors met in Fort Benton for their annual fall board meeting where resolutions were reviewed, changes were proposed and the organization’s FY21 budget was approved. 

* Don’t forget to signup for CFAP 2.0 by Dec 11! MGGA worked hard to ensure all wheat and barley growers are eligible for this support so make sure to get your application in to FSA before the deadline.