Working for You

Working for You

Each month we provide some key areas where MGGA leaders and staff have been working on your behalf. Here is a sampling of important issues and activities for September 2021:

*Sponsored a noon report for KMON at the Montana State Fair in Great Falls. Alison caught up with Randy Bogden during his live show at the fairgrounds.

*Emily and Alison attended a leadership summit. In the name of investing in our organization, it is vital that we continue to learn, grow and develop new skills as we want to ensure the success of MGGA.

*Joined in on five interviews for Spring Wheat and Winter Wheat, in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at Montana State University.

*Listened to the research seminars and participated in the question and answer session of the 3 finalists of the Winifred Asbjornson Plant Sciences Endowed Chair in the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology at Montana State University.

*Alison hosted breakfast for several state officers of the Montana FFA. Topics discussed included WOTUS, annual convention and upcoming FFA events.

*Alison attended the ribbon cutting at Montana Renewables in Great Falls. It was a celebration as the first seed oil feedstock to be used in the production of renewable diesel fuel was canola oil produced by Montana Specialty Mills from the Great Falls AgriTech Park.