Working for You

Each month we provide some key areas where MGGA leaders and staff have been working on your behalf. Here is a sampling of important issues and activities for August 2019:


  • MGGA officers, members and staff were in high demand last month providing radio, television and print publication interviews reporting on a range of issues including harvest conditions and ongoing trade issues. Thanks to all for helping to keep the public informed!
  • MGGA convention planning is underway as we look forward to another busy meeting season once this year’s crop is in the bin. See the article in this issue for a sampling of convention speakers confirmed to date and visit for more details.
  • Commissioner Brian Quintenz of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and his Chief of Staff Kevin Webb traveled from Washington D.C. to Montana to meet with ag producers and other stakeholders in an outreach effort to learn how the markets and rules of the CFTC work for them. In Great Falls, MGGA organized a meeting attended by officers Lyle Benjamin, Vince Mattson, and Mitch Konen, along with other interested parties and congressional staffers. Following the meeting, the group visited Sheffels Farm where MGGA Director Steve Sheffels was just getting started on this year’s harvest.
  • Executive Vice President Lola Raska attended the annual meeting of the Montana State Fund Ag Safety Program executive committee in Helena to review contracts and discuss changes in delivery of the Montana Ag Safety Program.